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Best Men`s Doubles Pair Ever in Badminton

Who are the best mens doubles pairs ever in Badminton? Find out in this Top 10 Badminton ranking!

Best Badminton Mens Doubles Pair Ever

11. Hiroyuki Endō/Ken’ichi Hayakawa (Japan)

Greatest achievements: Thomas Cup victory 2014, three-times All England championship runner-up
Strength: Incredible defense, speed, movement
Weakness: Lack of power, attacking game

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10. Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong (Malaysia)

They could have done so much more, the talent was there. They really should have been higher in the ranking of the best mens doubles pairs in Badminton. But they were hot stuff for a very brief period and then seemed to be happy with that and lacked the effort to win more.

Greatest achievements: All England champions 2007, Asian games champion 2006, multiple runner-up plates
Strength: Tan`s power smash and Koo`s net skills and deception
Weakness: Too arrogant and relaxed

9. Matthias Boe/Carsten Mogensen (Denmark)

This Danish mens doubles pair is certainly not my favourite, but you have to admit: They are sooo good! It just doesn`t look that elegant and smooth.

Greatest achievements: Olympic silver medal
Strength: Mental toughness, winning ugly
Weakness: not as naturally talented as Asians


8. Lars Paaske/Jonas Rasmussen (Denmark)

Greatest achievements: World champions 2003, All England champions 2010
Strength: Great technique and aggression, tactical awareness
Weakness: Physically not that strong


7. Sigit Budiarto/Candra Wijaja (Indonesia)

So spectacular to watch!

Greatest achievements: World champions 1997, multiple open tournament winners
Strength: Trickery
Weakness: Trickery

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6. Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo/Marcus Fernaldi Gideon (Indonesia)

I know, they are yet to win a really big title. But I still feel that they have to be in a ranking of the best men`s doubles pairs ever. Simply because of their level and style of play, they have set a new standard in this discipline of Badminton and I`m sure, the relevant titles will follow.

Greatest achievements: All England Championships
Strength: Incredible defense and reactions, Sukamuljos net play
Weakness: Kevin`s antics



5. Lee Yong Dae/Jun Jae Sung (South Korea)

A fantastic men`s doubles pair! They delivered spectacular performances against their nemesis Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng, but almost always came in second. Therefore hardly any big titles, but nevertheless among the greatest men`s doubles pairings of all times. I liked Jun Jae Sung much more as a partner for Lee Yong Dae than Yoo Yeon-Seong. He was much more able to match his partners performance. Yoo was pretty much always the weaker part that opponents were able to exploit.

Greatest achievements: All England champions 2008 & 2012, countless silver medals / runner-up plates
Strength: Incredible defense
Weakness: Very hard to beat, but almost always second to Yun/Haifeng


4. Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan (Indonesia)

This Indonesian mens doubles pair is my favorite pairing of all. I loved their agressive and creative playing style and for three years (2013-2015), they dominated the circuit, more precisely the big events. I would have loved to put them on the no. 1 spot, but they were not consistent enough and unfortunately their prime didn`t last til the Olympics 2016.

Greatest achievements: Two-time world champion, Asian Games champion, All England champion
Strength: They complement each other so well, Ahsans power, dynamic and passion & Hendras calm but lethal front-court game
Weakness: Ahsan going off the boil sometimes, but hardly ever in big matches

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3. Tony Gunawan/Candra Wijaja (Indonesia)

Greatest achievements: Olympic gold medal 2000, countless other tournament victories
Strength: Gunawan`s stunning front court dominance, Wijaja`s big smashes
Weakness: Too much trickery, mental weakness of Wijaja


2. Hendra Setiawan/Markis Kido (Indonesia)

Well, Setiawan is nothing less than a magician on court and when Kido had a good day, they were able to blow any other great mens doubles pair off the court. So glad, they won the Olympics in 2008!

Greatest achievements: Olympic gold medal 2008, world champions 2007, 14 BWF super series and countless other titles
Strength: They set each other up so well, insane jump smashes by Kido and fascinating net play by Hendra
Weakness: Kido going off the boil sometimes, but hardly ever in big matches

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1. Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng (China)

The most successful men`s doubles pair of all times and probably also the best and consistant one. Although they were beatable, especially by Setiawan and partners, their consistency for over a decade is just stunning.

Greatest achievements: Olympic gold & silver medal 2012 & 2008, four-time world champions, five-time Thomas Cup winner, six-time Sudirman Cup winner, two-time Asian Games winner
Strength: speed power
Weakness: No real weakness

Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng Best men`s doubles pair ever in Badminton
von Antony Stanley from Gloucester, UK (Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng Win For China!) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Do you agree? Or do you have another opinion regarding the badminton ranking of the best mens doubles pair ever?









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  1. Park J B/Kim M S, C. Hadinata /A Chandra, Gunalan /Ng B Bee, Tjun Tjun /J. Wahjudi, Li Yongbo /Tian, Eddy/David Choong, Razif/J. Sidek

  2. Thread starter must born at 90’s lol park jo bong kim moon so is the best then ricky/rexy then minions then christian/tjun tjun then li yongbo/tian bingyi then edy hartono, rudy gunawan then rashid/jaelani sidek

    1. Yes, I have not seen the mens doubles of the 80s. But you really think the Minions are among the top pairs, but Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng aren`t?

  3. You leave legendary names :
    1. Tjun Tjun-Johan Wahyudi
    2. Christian Hadinata-Ade Chandra
    3. Park Jo Bong-Kim Moon So
    4. Tian Bing Yi-Li Yong Bo
    5. Razif Sidek-Jaelani Sidek
    6. Ricky Subagya-Rexy Mainaki

    Not to mention older pairs like Finn Kobero-Hammegaard Hansen, Eddy Choong-David Choong, Erland Kops and his partners

  4. You forget Park Jobong/Kim Moonso. You forget Tian Bingyi/Li yongfo. You forget Sidek family from Malaysia. Seems you do not know much players before 2000s

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