• Badminton rules, regulations & scoring
    Badminton scoring

    Badminton Rules & Scoring

    The best sport in the whole world is beautiful to play and watch. So try it yourself! But to fully enjoy Badminton, you should understand everything about it. There are rules and guidelines that are [...]
  • Badminton Rackets of the professional players

    Badminton Rackets of Professional Players

    Have you ever wondered, which Badminton racket the professional players use on court? Which racket your favourite player chose for himself? Well, a Badminton racket does make a difference and each player will choose a [...]
  • Badminton Perodua Malaysia Masters 2019 - The winners
    Badminton News

    Perodua Malaysia Masters 2019 – The Winners

    Badminton Perodua Malaysia Masters 2019 – The winners The first major Badminton tournament in 2019 took place in Malaysia this week with many topstars competing. After all it`s a pre-olympic year and the hunting for [...]
Best badminton player ever in mens doubles
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Best Badminton player ever – Men`s Doubles

1. August 2018 6

Besides power, tactical awareness and a feel for the shuttle, doubles requires teamwork, blind understanding is the key. If that is given, spectacular matches are guaranteed. These are the masters of their trade, the best […]

Most beautiful badminton players
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Top Ten Most Beautiful Badminton Players

14. August 2018 2

The badminton sport is beautiful to watch. But its not just the elegant moves, the players gliding around the court, that makes it fun to watch. Badminton offers an incredible number of beautiful female badminton […]