Yonex Arcsaber 11 Review – The Badminton Racket of Taufik Hidayat

The Arcsaber 11 became famous because it was used by one of the most popular badminton players of all times. Mens singles legend Taufik Hidayat from Indonesia whipped his incredible backhands with this very racket. So lets have a look, if this racket is still worth buying these days.

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Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket Review



A very classy look with metallic red dominating, with white and black accents.

Technical specifications / Characteristics

The Arcsaber 11 comes with a stiff shaft and an even balance. It is made from these materials: H.M. Graphit/Carbon Nanotube/SONIC METAL/Ultra PEF

Weight: 3U/G4,5 (85-90g)

Performance & Feel

Well, what can I say? I have played with lots of rackets and this one is my favourite. It just feels like an extension of my arm on court. It feels very light and easy to maneuver. The stiff frame and even balanced are a perfect combination to provide control. The precision of my shots is indeed better with this racket.

You can also generate huge power with it. But only with a good technique. You need to know how to perform clean smashes and clears. The racket will support you then. If you are a beginner having trouble to hit power shots, a racket with a head-heavy balance would be more suitable for you.

The Sonic Metal that is used in the frame ensures that the shuttle stays on the string bed for a split second longer than usual, which is the main reason for that incredible feeling of control.

In general you can say, that there are no weaknesses. The Arcsaber 11 helps you tremendously on court and its simply fun to play all the shots with it. I even feel like my backhand is a little more crisp with it. Although I must admit, this could be just my imagination, because I have seen what Hidayat did with it.


The Strokes

Now lets check the various strokes you need on the Badminton court:

No problem. The Arcsaber gets the shuttle from one backline to the other without any trouble.

Very powerful smashes possible if you use the correct technique. No wild arm, shoulder and body movements necessary. Let the racket help you. Just focus on preperation with the shoulder to the back, then use forearm acceleration and tightening the grip with your fingers on the point of impact.

Easy. All the shots that need control and precision are pure joy.

The light feeling and easy power make this racket shine in playing drives. Shorts swings and movements with your fingers generate lots of power due to the stiff frame. Making it perfect for fast drive game.

Net shots
Yeah Baby. Taufik-esque net game incoming!

Smash defending
Just great. You dont have much time when defending smashes and the maneuverability makes it easy to get to the shuttle in time. And because there is so little movement necessary for returning the shuttle, the Arcsaber 11 is just wonderful for counter attacking.

Singles or Doubles?

Considering the fact that the Arcsaber 11 is most famous for being used by Olympic champion Taufik Hidayat, I would have to say that its more of a singles racket. I have never heard of a professional player in doubles or mixed doubles using it. However, for non pros I would also recommend it for doubles play. Its just such a versatile racket that makes every shot so easy.

This is why its the only racket I have twice. I have some other rackets, that are much more specific for either singles or doubles. But The Arcsaber is probably the best allround racket for all disciplines and I most often use it in tournaments.


There is clearly a reason why this is one of the most famous rackets of all times and why Hidayat was so successful with it. Of course its not the cheapest of rackets out there. But it is still worth buying, also for intermediate and advanced players. Beginners and recreational players should go for other rackets with a more flexible frame, though. Because as always with these high-grade rackets: You need to be able to handle them with the right technique.


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