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“No sports” said Churchill, but he was wrong! Working out is healthy and fun. You stay fit, are allowed to eat cheese cake from time to time and the ambition starts burning. Simply a great way to spend your time. But as nice as active sporting may be…sometimes just sitting comfortably on a couch with tasty chocolate and watching the best of the best working a sweat can be better.
But which sport is most spectator-friendly? Where are the most spectacular moves to be seen, the most impressive performances? This is the answer:


No sport requires more different skills. A successful badminton athlete needs strength, endurance, coordination, reflexes, agility, tactical understanding, quick and clear thinking, speed, of course a feel for the ball, a strong will and last but not least creativity. I think it`s pretty astonishing that this hard to master sport of all is sometimes labelled “gay tennis” or the like. Well, you have to give these laymen that from outside you don`t really see how demanding Badminton actually is. But if you give them a racket and put them on court to hit a few birdies, this opinion will change at record speed. Because that`s when they finally notice how complicated it is to cover the whole court; how exhausting to run to a corner just once. Considering that rallies between pros usually last a lot longer at a much higher pace, it becomes clear what effort badminton players provide there. The good thing is that Badminton is fun not only on the highest level, even hobby athletes should become addicted. Absolutely try it!

I have been playing Badminton myself since I was 8 years old and still love standing on the court. But I love watching the professional players just as much and that`s why I will write about this wonderful sport on this blog. Hope you like it – of course comments, suggestions and even criticism are always welcome!


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