Badminton Sets

Best Badminton Sets

You are planning to buy a badminton set? But you dont know where to start? You wonder which badminton set is best? Or how much is a badminton set? Good questions and I will try to answer them in this article. So let us have a look…

Best Badminton Sets
Badminton set with rackets and shuttlecock

What is in a badminton set?

The contents of a badminton set usually varies, but the following items can or should be in there:

  • Badminton rackets – At least 2, maybe 4
  • Badminton shuttles – Usually plastic shuttles, sometimes feather
  • A net
  • Net posts
  • Bags for Rackets and Net
  • Items for net fixation like tent-pegs or weights

How much does a badminton set cost

The badminton set price of course depends on the quality and the contents of the set. The range is roughly between 20$ and 500$.

Where to buy badminton set

If you ask yourself “Where can i buy badminton set” or who sells badminton sets, there are several options. Pretty much every big general store will have badminton sets in their leisure department. Specialised dealers for sports or even badminton will certainly be able to help as well.

And these days you can of course buy a badminton set online. These sites will certainly provide what you are looking for:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
Best mixed doubles pair ever in badminton

Now let us have a look at various versions of badminton sets. Most of them are for adults or teenagers. There are generally 3 ypes:

  • 2 Rackets and 1 or more Shuttles
  • 4 Rackets and 1 or more Shuttles
  • 2 or 4 Rackets, a few Shuttles and a Badminton Net including Fixation Material

Best Badminton Sets

Portable Sets With Net And Rackets

Sometimes you are meeting your friends in a park and a nice enjoyable badminton match could be a nice touch. A portable badminton set with a net, that can easily be set up on grass, would be pretty cool in that case. Luckily such portable sets are available. This one is very uncomplicated to use and can be carried around in the corresponding bag.

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set (Check Price on Amazon)

Boulder Net Detailled Review

Airsigni Badminton Set with Net – Easy Set Up (Check Price on Amazon)

Garden Badminton Set

You are looking for an outddor badminton set you can use in your garden or backyard? Have a look at this ones. They are easy to set up and contain 4 rackets, a net and shuttlescocks. So a Doubles match with the whole family is no problem.

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set with 4 Rackets / 3 Shuttles (Check Price on Amazon)

This one is not the cheapest Badminton set, but best value for money. The poles are made of steel and therefore offer great longevity. The handling is pretty easy as well.

Talbot-Torro Family Set (Check Price on Amazon)

Cool Family Set including a badminton net. But the best thing here is that there are 2 rackets for adults and 2 shorter rackets for kids. Perfect for Family Fun!

Badminton Set Best Quality

I will make a more detailled badminton set review about this product from Baden. It is one of my favourites, because it is high quality, robust, looks great and has everything you need for a lot of Badminton fun in the garden. The highlights:

  • Boundary lines
  • Cool yellow color
  • Very sturdy

Baden Champions Badminton Set (Check Price on Amazon)

Cheap Badminton Set

If you don`t want to spend too much money and just need some sturdy rackets and a few shuttles for hitting in the garden from time to time, you can go with Senston.

Senston 2 Pieces Carbon Alloy Badminton Set (Check Price on Amazon)

Badminton Set Top Brands

A lot of brands offer badminton sets in countless variants. Many of these brands don`t sell the best quality. So you might have a look at Yonex, Senston and Wilson to buy a quality badminton set. If you are looking for badminton sets of 2 or 4 rackets incl. shuttles, they are a good choice. However, only if they are for recreational use. If you are playing on a higher level (league or tournaments), you should not go for sets. Rather look for high-grade single racket offers.


Yonex Badminton Combo Set with 4 Rackets and 6 Nylon Shuttles (Check Price on Amazon)


Senston N80 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket Set (Check Price on Amazon)


Wilson Badminton Set (Check Price on Amazon)

Badminton Set With Feather Shuttlecock

In case you absolutely want or need to play with a feather shuttlecock, have a look at this one. Keep in mind though, that feather shuttlecocks don`t last long. So you will have to buy new shuttles regularly.

Fostoy Badminton Raquet Set with 3 Feather Shuttlecocks (Check Price on Amazon)

Badminton Set for Kids

If you want your kids to play badminton, you should consider buying a set especially for kids. Which simply means: Smaller rackets that kids can handle. This one from Talbot-Torro would be a good start:

Talbot-Torro Junior Badminton Set (Check Price on Amazon)

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