How To Choose The Perfect Badminton Racket String Tension

Choosing the best string tension of a badminton racket is a science in itself. The right badminton racket string and tension depends on your level of play, style and technique. As a general rule you can state that low string tensions are the better choice for beginners while high string tensions are suitable for advanced players with good technique.

The reason for this is that the higher the string tension is, the more the sweet spot decreases. And a smaller sweet spot leads to more miss hits from beginners, because they have not yet developed the needed technique.

Badminton Racket String Tension Guide
Badminton string bed

Recommended stringing tension range:

  • Beginner: 18-20lbs
  • Casual: 20-23lbs
  • Regular Club: 24-25lbs
  • Advanced/County: 26lbs and above)

Lower tension:

  • Increased sweet spot
  • Softer feel on the shuttle, therefore less connection to the shuttle and less control
  • Increased repulsion/bounce
  • Less danger of breaking strings
    => Suitable for more power (at the expense of control) – Beginners / players that don`t always hit sweet spot / Lower tension because of larger sweetspot

Higher Tension:

  • Decreased sweet spot
  • Technique skills necessary, consistent hitting
  • Much better feel for the shuttle->more control, less repulsion/bounce – therefore more own power generation of player (arm/wrist acceleration) necessary
  • More danger of breaking strings / Higher string tension leads to more danger of the string breaking early.
    => Suitable for advanced players that don`t need help generating power because of their good technique

General notes on badminton racket string tension:

  • Tension creep: strings will loose tension over time and racket needs to be restrung.
  • At high tension breaking of strings is more likely, if you don`t hit the sweetspot due to the pressure on strings.
  • Duration of thicker strings is higher, less prone to breaking than thinner strings.
  • Every racket model has an individual maximum string tension – manufactures provide a tension range.
  • Effect of string tension is equal to effect of racket stiffness. To read more about that effect, check out this article: How to choose the perfect badminton racket for yourself
  • And also have a look at the best strings for badminton rackets

Different Badminton racket string types available with different strengths/feats:

  • Power
  • Control
  • Durability

The most famous among Badminton string types is probably the Yonex BG65.

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So, what you might have learned from this badminton string tension guide: The right string tension is extremely important!!!

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