Top 6 Best Cheap Feather Shuttlecocks

If you are an intermediate or advanced badminton player, you will most likely play with goose feather shuttlecocks. The downside of feather shuttles is, that they do not hold up as long as the plastic or nylon shuttles. But they just have so much better flying characteristics that you will accept to change them regularly and pay more money. You will have to take a new shuttle at least every 1-2 games, sometimes earlier, depending on the quality of the shuttle and how clean you hit the strokes. But its so much more fun to play the feather shuttles.

So lets have a look at some of the best cheap feather shuttlecocks available for very good prices.

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Top 10 Best Badminton Feather Shuttlecocks
Top 10 Best Badminton Feather Shuttlecocks

The Best Budget Goose Feather Shuttles To Play Badminton

6. KEVENZ Goose Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks with Great Stability and Durability, High Speed Badminton Birdies


Kevenz is a good brand for cheap badminton equipment. These shuttles promise some fun for outdoor and garden play. But they are not the most durable among the shuttles in this ranking.

5. EAGLES Badminton Birdies Feather Bedminton Shuttlecocks


These Eagles shuttles are a good choice for beginners, that think about switching from nylon to feather shuttlecocks. The dealer actually offers a 30 day warranty. So in case you are not happy with these, you can return them for a full refund. They are quite sturdy, although you cannot expect too much for such a cheap price. They will not last forever (no feather shuttle will), but its value for money here.

4. Olennz Badminton Birdies – High-Speed Goose Feather Shuttle – Pack of 12


Nice shuttlecocks for casual and recreational players. They are quite durable for this price range and have better flying characteristics than plastic shuttles. Intermediate players should opt for products of the well known badminton brands, though.

3. ZHENAN LED Badminton Shuttlecocks Dark Night Glow Birdies Lighting for Outdoor & Indoor Sports Activities


I really love these shuttles with LEDs included. They glow in the dark in various colors. Due to the LEDs their weight differs from regular shuttles, so you have to be aware of this, if you usually use normal birdies. These ones are obviously not for club players that want to have real badminton matches. These are a hit for outdoor / garden parties, because it looks just so cool and is incredible fun to play with those on casual occasions. Great for kids as well, they will love to use this shuttles glowing in the dark.

2. Philonext Badminton Shuttlecocks


The Philonext shuttlecocks are among the very best of all budget feather shuttlecocks. They hold up quite long for a really good price and the way they fly can be compared to the products of amjor badminton brands, which are much more expensive. Some people seem to be annoyed that budget feather shuttles like these break after a few games. As an advanced badminton player let me tell you: That is to be expected! No feather shuttlecock will hold for multiple hours of playing. None! You choose them, because they fly better than plastic ones. I cannot stress this enough.

1. ZHENAN 12-Pack Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks with Great Stability and Durability


The Top 2 in this list of the best budget feather shuttlecocks are quite close together in terms of quality. But the ones from Zhenan stand out a little. Quality for a very reasonable price here. Sturdy and durable, with a suitable weight that makes them perfect for playing outdoors. Good choice for beginners, recreational players and kids and playing at parties / in the garden.

So these are the currently best cheap goose feather shuttlecocks for playing badminton casually and recreationally. Check them out!

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