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Badminton World Championships 2018 – The Winners

The 2018 BWF Badminton world championships found five new champions in Nanjing today. China and Japan gained to gold medals each, Spain got hold of one. The big Badminton nations Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia didn`t even place a runner up on final Sunday. Japan on the other hand becomes a major force in Badminton and is on the verge of overtaking China as number one nation.

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Womens Doubles

Mayu Matsumoto/Wakana Nagahara def. Yuki Fukushima/Sayaka Hirota 19:21 21:19 22:20

In Game 2 the no. 2 seeds were just two points away in the title, but in the end their compatriots prevailed in an absolute nailbiter.

Mixed Doubles

Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaquiong def. Wang Yilyu/Huang Dongping 21:17 21:19

Siwei/Yaquiong haven`t lost many matches since they teamed up a few months ago and therefore are world number one. Nevertheless they never convinced totally when it realy mattered, like in the All England Final. So this victory on home soil might be a huge confidence booster for them. It was a dominant display, Yaquiong showing her very best form and making sure, her partner could play above the tape as often as possible.

BWF World Championships 2018
By Griff88 [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

Womens Singles

Carolina Marin def. Pusarla V. Sindhu 21:19 21:10

The Spanish front girl becomes the first woman to gain a third world championship crown after 2014 and 2015 and she did it in a convincing manner. The first game was close and Sindhu had chances to win that. Game 2 was one way traffic, because Marin with confidence is hard to stop. She was struggling all year and by no means the best player of 2018, but you gotta admit, three world cup gold medals and an Olympic Gold on top, that is some achievement.

Mens Singles

Kento Momota def. Shi Yuqi 21:11 21:13

Momota`s win was expected, winning so easily wasn`t. Shi Yuqi`s weapons just don`t work against Momota. Which speaks volumes about the Japanese man`s skills, given how Yuqi dismantled no-one less than Lin Dan and Chen Long. Today the Chinese just didn`t know how to score points at all. You have to admire Momota`s court coverage and shot selection. He almost never plays shots that bring him into trouble. He reached a new level and rightfully is the new world champion in Badminton!

Mens Doubles

Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen def. Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda 21:12 21:19

I favoured the Chinese combination, because I think Li/Liu don`t have something special. They are all about fast and furious powerplay without finesse. Unfortunately the Japanese team wasn`t able to put their best form on court especially Kamura struggled with his defense and was targeted regularly by the Chinese. Well, I`m not a fan of Junhui/Yuchen, but you have to congratulate, they crowned themselves to world champions…kudos!

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