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KAPAL API Indonesia Open 2024

The Badminton Indonesia Open, one of the most prestigious tournaments on the badminton calendar, took place last week in Jakarta, Indonesia. This highly anticipated event, held from June 4th to June 9th, brought together the world’s top badminton players to compete in a showcase of skill, endurance, and sportsmanship. Renowned for its electric atmosphere and passionate fanbase, the Indonesia Open is a key highlight of the BWF World Tour and an important event for players aiming to boost their rankings and prepare for future international competitions. The tournament not only provided thrilling matches and unforgettable moments but also underscored the growing global popularity and competitive spirit of badminton.

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Korea prevents Chinese Clean Sweep

Womens Doubles

Baek Ha Na / Lee So Hee def. Chen Qing Chen / Jia Yi Fan

21-17 21-13

Baek and Lee are one of very few pairs that can trouble the dominant Chinese no. 1 team. Its almost always very hard fights, but usually Chen and Jia come ut on top. Not here in Indonesia though. Quite a superior and deserved victory and a repeat of last years result during the Kapal Api Indonesia Open.

Womens Singles

Chen Yu Fei def. An Se Young

21-14 14-21 21-18

The two favourites for Olympic gold in Paris with an early form check and eager to boost their confidence. This time Chen Yu Fei comes out on top in a close contest with long and grueling rallies. Both ladies are clearly above everyone else at the moment and its hard to see anyone else in the Olympic final. Just too good and steady in their defence, footwork, precision and fitness.

Mens Doubles

Liang Wei Keng / Wang Chang def. Man Wei Chong / Kai Wun Tee

19-21 21-16 21-12

The surprise finalists from Malaysia came pretty close to another upset in the final. Very creative playing style, good to watch. In The final they were in the lead until late in the second game. Then Wang / Liang slowly took over and dominated the third game. Its just so hard to get out their attack with Liang thundering down the smashes and Wang Chang just intercepting everything so quickly. Great tournament for Man / Kai nonetheless with many hard-fought encounters, beating the world champions from Korea en route.

Mixed Doubles

Jiang Zhen Bhang / Wei Ya Xin def. Zheng Si Wei / Huang Ya Qiong

21-11 21-14

The undisputed no. 1 in the mixed doubles category -Zheng and Huang- need to be worried. Their Head to Head against Jiang and Wei is now 3:3 and it is hard to find a worse head to head for them. Rarely has the Chinese super mixed been seen this helpless. They had absolutely no idea what to do against their fellow countrymen. Probably decisive was Wei Ya Xin, who dominated the net against Huang with her better reach and therefore made sure, that Zheng/Huang had to lift the shuttle all the time.

The favourites for Gold in Paris will probably be quite relieved that Jiang / Wei will not be allowed to take part in the competition.

Mens Singles

Shi Yu Qi def. Anders Antonsen

21-9 12-21 21-14

Shi Yu Qi is in stunning form at the moment and the best player in the world right now. He dominated the Thomas Cup already and kept going in Indonesia. he is not just winning, he often destroys the opponents, who have trouble scoring double digits quite often. Antonsen is in great form as well, cudos for winning a game. Both will be medal contenders at the Olympic Games for sure. Axelsen & Co have to watch out.

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Audience and Atmosphere

Indonesia Open 20204 Crowd
Indonesia Open 20204 Crowd

The 2024 Badminton Indonesia Open was not just a showcase of world-class badminton but also a celebration of the sport’s vibrant and passionate community. The atmosphere at the Istora Senayan in Jakarta was electric, with fans packing the stadium to cheer on their favorite players and create an unforgettable environment.

Attendance and Fan Engagement

The tournament attracted large crowds throughout the week, with the final matches drawing particularly high numbers of spectators. Indonesian badminton fans are known for their enthusiasm and support, and this year was no exception. The venue was filled with chants, cheers, and a sea of red and white, reflecting the national colors and pride of the Indonesian supporters​.

Special Events and Activities for Fans

To enhance the experience for fans, the organizers of the Indonesia Open arranged various activities and events alongside the main matches. There were autograph sessions with top players, interactive games, and badminton clinics for young enthusiasts. These activities not only engaged the spectators but also fostered a sense of community and excitement around the tournament​.

Overall Atmosphere and Support for Players

The atmosphere at the Istora Senayan was a blend of high energy and deep appreciation for the sport. The support for Indonesian players, in particular, was overwhelming. Every point scored by an Indonesian player was met with loud cheers and applause, creating a home-court advantage that many players acknowledged as a significant boost to their performance.

The camaraderie among fans was also notable. Spectators from various countries came together to enjoy the matches, showcasing the unifying power of sports. The respectful and celebratory vibe contributed to a positive experience for both players and fans alike​.

Overall, the audience and atmosphere at the 2024 Indonesia Open were key components in making the event a memorable one. The enthusiastic fanbase, combined with well-organized activities and the thrilling action on court, ensured that the tournament was a resounding success from both a sporting and spectator perspective​.

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