Top 10 Best Badminton Kit Bags

Badminton is a fantastic sport, but it requires a bit of equipment. You certainly need cloths, shoes, rackets and shuttlecocks. Thats all you really need. But if you play badminton regularly -maybe even in a league or in tournaments- a badminton bag will be quite helpful as well. Especially bags with an extra show compartment, since you do not want to put your sweaty shoes into the same compartment as your fresh cloths.

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Top 10 Best Badminton Kit Bags
Top 10 Best Badminton Kit Bags

Best Badminton Kit Bags with Shoe Compartment

So lets have a look at some great and stylish bags…

10. Megasport 3 Racket Bag with Shoe Compartment

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Megasport is not the most well-known brand and this bag is more directed towards tennis players, but it works for badminton equipment as well. And with the cheap price and lots of space for rackets and other compartments for shoes & cloths and the small pockets for keys, phones etc. the Megasport bag is really value for money.

9. YONEX 42126 (Black) 6pk Tennis Badminton Team Racket Bag

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Beatiful three compartment badminton bag by Yonex in stylish black and yellow colors. It has all you need. More than enough space to pack your staff for days and weekends at tournaments.

8. Victor Unisex Victor Schlägertasche Multithermobag

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This badminton bag is quite similar to the Yonex bag before, just from Victor. Also in black/grey and yellow, very good-looking…and its huge. Three big compartments, another one for shoes and all this with the usual Victor quality and workmanship.

7. Yonex Badminton Bag SUNR BRB11MS2 BT6-S (with Shoe Pocket)

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Another good choice, if you prefer Yonex. Two color combinations available, both look cool. The handling is great

6. ITODA Tennis Racquet Cover Bag, 3-6 Rackets Badminton Paddle Carry Case Waterproof Dustproof Separation Shoes Pocket Storage Bag

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Here we have another unknown brand, but for this cheap price you cannot go wrong. The bag offers all you need, if you are a recreational player. For league and tournament players I would always suggest a top brand like Yonex, Victor, Babolat etc…

5. YONEX 92029 (Black)(9-Pack) Badminton Tennis Racket Bag

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A racket bag in all black colors for the cool guys. You can feel the high-grade materials when using and wearing the back. Typically for Yonex.

4. Babolat Pure Drive 12-Pack (2021)

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Babolat is not that well-known for badminton equipment, but they know what they do and stand for the highest quality. This three compartment bag is huge with lots of space for rackets, cloths, shoes, towels etc.

It is sturdy, durable, has various handles, isothermal protection and many internal compartments. Everything a badminton player needs…

3. Li-Ning ABDP-374 Champ 6 in 1 Badminton Kitbag – with Additional Shoe Bag

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Li-Ning – the badminton brand from China – takes an interesting approach to badminton bags with shoe compartments. First of all it has a rectangular shape, which is unusual for such bags. And second of all the shoe compartment is an extra bag to carry around. Seems a little complicated, but I like the thinking outside the box. Because you are more flexible like this. And the bag definitely looks stylish. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, try this Li Ning bag.

2. Victor Unixex Double Thermobag 9111

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I personally prefer traditional badminton bags and the Victor Unisex Double Thermobag 9111 definitely is one of those. A good choice for tournament players.

1. YONEX Pro 12 Thermobag 92029

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The winner for me. The classic, big deep blue Yonex racket bag with three compartments, extra shoe compartment, lots of space, good handling, high-quality materials. You will have probably seen it somewhere. If you play badminton regularly, you cannot go wrong with this bag.

So these are the Top 10 best badminton bags with a shoe compartment. Feel free to leave a comment, if you know other recommended badminton bags.

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